African Nollywood streaming service IROKOTV needed to better showcase its content and offerings to new customers.



Over the first 6 months of 2018,


user feedback suggested IROKOTV’s website was falling short in a few key areas for prospective customers, namely as a means of informing what content was available to watch.

On the business side, IROKOTV was introducing a new Basic vs Premium plan model which needed promotion on the landing page.


We set out to better understand our customer’s content discovery process, and design a landing page experience that effectively communicates the product’s value.


My Process

We followed a 4-step process to ensure we understood user pains, and could validate our solutions worked at scale.

You can read more about my process  here .

You can read more about my process here.



Analysis of 300+ LiveChat transcripts and 10 phone interviews revealed key differences in purchaser types, and where our existing implementation was falling short.


Users looking for an all-in-one service weren’t finding enough information.

This user is fed up with watching free Nollywood on YouTube. It’s difficult to find, and time consuming to verify the quality. They arrive at the site’s home page via search or our YouTube channel hoping to learn more about the service, only to find a single promotional image and a simple call to action.


Users looking to watch something specific weren’t finding any content.

This user hears about a movie or series via friend or family member, a Nollywood fan site, an actor they follow on Instagram, or from a trailer on YouTube channel. They arrive at the specific movie or series page on the IROKOTV site via search engine or direct link, only to be redirected to a login page.


Pricing information was hidden.

Chat transcripts revealed consistent volumes from both purchaser types regarding available plans and pricing, which at the time were hidden behind registration.



Factoring user needs and business goals, we set out to solve the following challenges.


1. Feature More Content

IROKOTV’s home page should sell the platform’s breadth, and better showcase the volume of available content, blockbusters, and actors.

2. Plan and Pricing Transparency

Better showcase available plans and pricing for the user’s region, including the new Basic vs Premium subscription model.


3. Rich Content Pages

Create a “logged out” state for all of movie, series, actor and collection pages, so users looking for specific content have a rich experience, with a clear path to convert.



We first sketched out concepts on paper before moving to Figma for final wireframes, mocks, and prototyping.


Feature More Content + Transparent Plans & Pricing

We removed the cluttered look of the registration form from the Hero, and changed the background image to showcase recently released movies and series. We also added blocks to promote app features, prominent actors, recently released blockbusters, and plans and pricing.


Rich Content Pages

We designed a single template to work across all 4 use cases, showcasing relevant content (cover image, title, description, rating, actors, etc), accompanied by a grid displaying like-content to sell platform breadth.



TV Series

TV Series







For the home page, we A/B tested 4 variants, adding a new section per variant, with the version containing all 4 sections winning out.


3% boost

In overal site registrations.

20 second increase

in Average Time on Page.

2% reduction

in the home page Bounce Rate.