Building things is in my DNA. It started as a child with Legos, K’Nex and model airplanes, eventually progressing to writing and recording music as I got older. My first startup job introduced me to the possibility of doing it professionally.

I spent 4 years in Product Management before ultimately transitioning to Product Design to spend more time building the product myself, and less defining its requirements. As a kid, I liked knowing how things worked, how they came to be, and obsessing over every detail - I find designing digital products hits all the same notes.   

My curiosity for how things work extends to why people behave in certain ways. As a strong listener and empathizer, I find the challenge of revealing the core user need as rewarding as the build process itself. This empathy extends to all stakeholders - user needs are just one slice...every product still needs to be built, and achieve a business goal.

I’m also a stickler for efficiency. I strive to convert each step of the user’s journey into a focused digital experience. I’m a believer in as little design as possible. Good design is invisible to the end-user, and finely tuned to their needs.